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Attention 2022 Seniors  
Speedway Custom Photo Lab is the school’s official photography company for all 2022 graduates. Call and confirm your session appointment with Speedway Custom Photo Lab at (386) 258-5051. 
Go to for more information
Speedway Custom Photo Lab  
1625 Ridgewood Avenue  
Holly Hill, FL 32117  
Speedway Custom Photo Lab will begin mailing 2022 senior picture appointments in June.  If you do not receive an appointment card in the mail, please call Speedway Custom Photo Lab at (386) 258-5051.  Your appointment can be changed to fit your schedule by calling the studio and changing your scheduled time.

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Want your Photos in the Yearbook? 
Upload them to eShare.  We are looking for Senior Baby Pics and Candid’s 
Upload your Photos to HJESHARE.COM. School Code: sandcrabs 

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A limited number of extra books will be available for purchase after pre-order has closed.  Purchase your books early to avoid missing out.  
Yearbook distribution will take place in April or May 2022. Seniors must have all outstanding obligations paid before this date.