State of Florida Excecutive Order

State of Florida Executive Education Order Spring 2021

Emergency Order

  • School districts are authorized to waive the state assessment requirement for graduation (SENIORS ONLY) which includes 10th grade ELA FSA and the algebra 1 end-of-course exam.
  • Other graduation requirements such as the 18 or 24 credits as well as a minimum 2.0 GPA are still in place.
  • It is important to note that the assessment waiver only pertains to those students expected to graduate in the spring of 2021. Students should contact their school counselor for any eligibility questions they may have.

Emergency Order

  • Authorizes districts to waive the end-of-course exam calculation into the final grade. Typically, for those courses that require an end-of-course exam, that EOC score counts as 30% of the overall grade.
  • This year, the final grades for EOC courses will be solely based on the four-quarter grade calculation. This waiver only applies to courses taken and successfully completed during the 2021 school year. The EOC courses are: Civics in 7th grade, Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology 1, U.S. History.

Testing Information

Testing letters and information for this year are posted as links for each test. Each student, for each test session, receives specific information on room testing assignments and a time to report for each test administration.

2020-2021 Testing Date Calendar

PERT – The PERT test is an untimed test that serves two purposes for our students.
It allows students to qualify for dual enrollment with DSC and in addition, can qualify as a Math graduation concordant score for current seniors only. Notifications will be sent to students on campus. VLive student notifications will be sent to their VCS email. Study guide available.

FSA ELA – Florida Standards Assessment test (English Language Arts)

9th Grade FSA ELA (Students must sit for all 3 days)

1 Day Writing April 5th

Reading Day 1 May 3rd

Reading Day 2 May 4th


10th Grade FSA ELA (Students must sit for all days)

1 Day Writing April 6th

Reading Day 1 May 5th

Reading Day 2 May 6th

Practice Tests Available.


FSA EOC – In the areas of Geometry, Algebra, US History, and Biology students are required to sit for an end of course exam which counts as 30% of their grade for the year.  This exam is required to earn credit for these courses.  In addition, scores at a Level 3 or higher are required on the  Algebra EOC to meet graduation requirements.  Notifications will be sent to students on campus. VLive student notifications will be sent to their VCS email.


Algebra EOC (Students must sit for both days)

Day 1 May 12th

Day 2 May 13th


Geometry EOC (Students must sit for both days)

Day 1 May 17th

Day 2 May 18th


History EOC

May 20th


Biology EOC

May 21st

Practice Tests Available.


To access scores from the computer:

  • VPortal
  • Gradebook
  • My Information
  • Assessment Info

To access scores from your cell phone:

  • VPortal
  • Gradebook
  • Go to the 3 bars on the right
  • My information
  • Tab on the LEFT


SAT (in school)* – This new test for Grade 12 students ONLY is offered to allow all students a free opportunity to earn a college entrance SAT score for admittance.  Students may decide to report their scores directly to colleges and universities and/or post to their high school transcripts with the test offered during the school day.  Student Guide available.  Sign up below.

ACT NCR* – This non-college reportable testing opportunity is offered to seniors in the fall and seniors/juniors in the spring.  The purpose is to earn a concordant score that will fulfill a mathematics and/or reading graduation requirement towards a high school diploma.

AP Testing – Each year students are offered an opportunity to take an AP exam in the subject area matching their course enrollment.  College Board scores transfer to many colleges/universities toward course credit.  Review your college/university of choice to better understand what/how many credits can be applied to your course of study.   AP student link

AICE Testing – Students enrolled in a Cambridge AICE course can qualify for college credit based on a score from Cambridge AICE.  Review your college/university of choice and AICE diploma options to better understand what/how many credits can be applied to your course of study.

ASVAB – hosted by the military, this test is offered on our campus for students interested in obtaining an entrance score for acceptance into any branch of the us military armed forces

PSAT – The deadline for the sign-up for makeup PSAT has expired. 

Seniors- SAT signup

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