• Photo proofs have already been sent. Each graduate for whom we had an email and/or mailing address should have received a copy of his/her proofs.
  • Information for your graduates: If you happen to receive any inquiries about photos, you can simply direct those individuals to our Customer Service Department at (800) 261-2576, online at www.gradimages.com, or email [email protected]. We have a large team of customer care representatives ready to help graduates and family members with anything they may need.
  • Your PR images are ready! Please take a look at the link below, where I’ve posted public relations (PR) images from your ceremony. Here, you can download individual PR images or request a CD containing copies of them all. You can also order complimentary prints and a photo album. There’s no charge for any of these, of course. If you have any questions or need assistance with this link, please let me know.


  • Are there any changes on the horizon? Examples might include different coordinator(s) for next year, new administration, or a new event format. If you anticipate any changes for your next event, please let me know. This is important so we can provide consistent service.