Special Areas of Current COVID19 Info

We know that this time is presenting many challenges. We want to make sure we are giving you the most updated and accurate information to assist you. While we are trying to think of everything you may be interested in, it is possible we may miss something. If you do not see information on a topic, please email us and we will do our best to put that information on this page as soon as possible. DATES AND TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.









A.P. Testing

Volusia County Schools

W.L.I.T Digital Videos

Important Deadlines

Please pay attention to the following deadlines. We will update as soon as information is available.

  • Make up day Wednesday, June 3rd, 9-12

COVID Contact info

If you need more details, please utilize the email contact as first method of communication and in your email leave a current phone number. All other staff contact info can be found under the CONTACT tab at the top of the website.

Assistant Principal Ms. LaGrotta
[email protected]
386-258-4674 ext. 54620 

  • Student grades 
  • Student enrollment/withdraw 
  • Cambridge AICE 

Assistant Principal Mr. Miller
[email protected]
386-258-4674 ext. 54624 

  • Athletics 
  • Transportation 
  • Facilities

Assistant Principal Ms. Gilbert
[email protected]
386-258-4674 ext. 54610 

  • Attendance 
  • Testing 

Assistant Principal Mr. Presley
[email protected]
386-258-4674 ext. 54700 

  • Special Needs 
  • IEP/504 Plans 

Principal Mr. Rawlings
[email protected]
386-258-4674 ext. 54614 

  • Prom/Gradventure 
  • Distribution of laptops/materials 
  • School closure 

Teacher on Assignment Mrs. Picott
[email protected]
386-258-4674 Ext. 54612

  • AP Testing 

Mrs. Comitale-Dahms- Registrar
[email protected]
386-258-4674 ext. 54642

  • Transcripts
  • Enrollment/2021 Registration
  • Parent Portal PIN information

Ms. Tonia Morgan- Activities Dir.
[email protected]
386-258-4674 ext. 54651

  • Activities
  • Events

Mr. Mike Austin- Guidance Dir.
[email protected]
386-258-4674 ext. 54641

  • Student Schedule Concerns
  • Student Guidance Contact

Mrs. Jeanette Oberst- Principal Secr.
[email protected]
386-258-4674 ext. 54614

  • Requests for school information otherwise not listed

Mrs. Dodi Gaines-AICE Coordinator
[email protected]

  • Cambridge A.I.C.E. questions

Coach Brad Montgomery- Ath. Dir.
bs[email protected]
386-258-4674 ext. 54652

  • Athletics

Mrs. Lynne A. Seeber-AVID Coordinator
[email protected]
386-255-6475, ext. 76375