School Office Hours (SUMMER)

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM M-Th
2700 N. Oleander Ave.
Daytona Beach, FL 32118
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Phone:  386-258-4674
Fax: 386.506.5071

Mission Statement

"In a caring, cooperative environment, the Seabreeze Family strives to provide opportunities for everyone to realize individual potential, to encourage ethical behavior, and to develop skills for lifelong success."

ATTENDANCE Check-Out policy and procedures

In an effort to meet the challenge of education and prepare our students for the workforce, we encourage all students to attend school on a daily basis. Absences should be for the following reasons: illness of student or immediate family member; medical appointments or other anticipated circumstances which have been approved by the administration; religious holidays of the student’s specific faith; approved field trips or school-sponsored functions on or off campus; subpoena by law enforcement agency. Parents, it is important that we check the Driver License of anyone picking up your student early from school. This will be done to ensure the safety and well-being of your child.   Please call (386)258-4674 Ext: 54616 before 11:00 A.M. to excuse absences and provide the following information:

1. Students name and ALPHA CODE (XXXX)

2. Date of absence

3. Brief reason for absence

This will ensure an accurate attendance report and alleviate problems with make-up work.

The Clinic

It is extremely important that emergency cards be updated each school year and throughout the school year. These should also include any person who is allowed to pick up your student from school in the event we cannot contact you in an emergency.

If your student has an emergency care plan, please be sure to have your doctor update an “Emergency Health Care Plan” form for the nurse so we are aware of any emergency issue involving your student.

Any medication your student is required to take during school hours requires a form be filled out. This form “Authorization for School Personnel to Administer Prescription Medication to Student” must be completed by the student’s parent/guardian and the doctor must sign and state how the medication is to be taken. The medication must be clearly marked in its original container.

Any questions? Please contact our school nurse, at 258-4674 ext. 54898


Business Partners

Would you like to become a business partner with a particular school?  Or perhaps you have a staff that would like to offer time or talent to our entire district.

Being a Volusia County Business Partner is a great way to give back to your community and offer opportunities to students and teachers alike.

To join is simple.  First, check out the Volusia County Partnership page  and return any forms as soon as possible.  Contact front desk administrative assistant, Jeanette Oberst 258-4674, ext. 54614, our Business Partner Coordinator to offer details about your partnership.

Visitor Policy

Visitors to Seabreeze High School are required to check-in at the welcome center located at the entrance to our school. Visitors will be asked to state their purpose of the visit and will be sent to the main office where they will be asked to present a PHOTO ID, then issued a visitor pass which must be worn at all times during their stay. Visitors are asked to please park in the front parking area and proceed directly to their specified destination. Visitor passes are to be returned to the main office when exiting the campus.

Volusia County Schools Free & Reduced Breakfast & Lunch Program

Apply Now For Free/Reduced Priced Meals

The School District of Volusia County is accepting applications from families for free - and reduced - price meals for their children attending schools.  Only one application is needed per household.

Meal Application   (usually available after July 1st)

****Do NOT complete an on-line application if you have submitted a paper application. This will  delay the approval process.