Ms. Mollo’s Intensive Reading Class needs your help! We are doing an Instagram project based on a newsELA article we read on the famous Instagram Egg that holds the record for the most followers/likes. The students have voted on a rubber ducky to be the simple object we will photograph to try to beat the egg. We have written “letters to the editor,” students have made Quizizz projects, and have done writing projects on this topic. Now we are trying to beat the egg for the most likes on Instagram! If you have an Instagram account and would like to take just a few seconds to help us out, please follow us and like our photos. Our handle is viral_breeze_duck. Your support is beyond appreciated! Forward this email on to any of your friends and tell your students that could help as well! Sometimes it’s hard to get High School Intensive Reading students motivated, but they are really stoked about this project so I would LOVE to make something awesome happen with it, and we can’t do it without YOU!