2021 Student Schedules visible in VPortal (GradeBook/My Info/Grade Summary) as of Wednesday, August 26

We understand that this schedule may have scheduling conflicts.
Complete a Issues/Conflicts Form and return the ISSUE form to any teacher or email the completed form to our GUIDANCE TEAMS mailbox.

Scheduling conflicts will be reviewed, prioritized (by graduation requirements), and addressed by our guidance office.  You will be notified by email (vcs2go) via Outlook in VPortal of a change or a counselor will request an appointment and notify your teacher with a pass.

Please only submit this form if the issue is a conflict that is addressed on the Issues/Conflicts Form.  Additional scheduling requests will be addressed at a later date.

We appreciate your patience as COVID has prevented us from hosting orientations, releasing preliminary schedules, and addressing scheduling issues sooner.  Please be assured, your guidance team is working as quickly as possible to address your conflicts and concerns.  As school counselors are working as a team, please email the GUIDANCE TEAMS mailbox, found on the seabreezehigh.org homepage as needed. We are all dedicated to helping you succeed with your courses and goals this year.

NEW BELL SCHEDULE, please review:

Students and Teachers will go to lunch based on their building location for Period 5 – if you are assigned/teach:

  • Bldgs, 14, 11, 3, 4, 5, 6 Lunch will begin at 12:00 and 5th Period begin at 12:48  (Lunch A)
  • Bldgs 10, 9 ,8 ,7 ,2 ,1 Period 5 will begin at 12:00 and Lunch begins at 12: 53 (Ignore the 12:48 bell.  It’s for those on Lunch A) (Lunch B)