GOOD MORNING SANDCRABS! HERE ARE YOUR DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS…9/28/2020                               

SCA would like to welcome our students, faculty, and guests on campus today and remind you to “Be Aware, Be Kind, and Be the face of Good.” We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage all students of age 18 and older to visit and make your voice heard.



A Volunteer Opportunity: Kindred Hospice needs administrative volunteers to answer phones, do mailings, file, and help with special projects. Students must be at least 16 years of age. If interested see Ms. Coy in the guidance office.

Students, breakfast & lunch in your Sandcrab Café is FREE. Today’s lunch entrées are: CHERRY BLOSSOM CHICKEN W/ YAKISOBA NOODLES,  POWER PROTEIN BENTOS, CHEESE OR PEPPERONI PIZZA, HAM OR TURKEY SANDWICHES.  TOMORROW’s BREAKFAST : Sausage biscuits, Kellogg’s POP TARTS, Assorted Cereals with toast  Eat in or Grab & go.  



Need help paying for college. Check out the college & career page on or see Ms. Coy in the guidance office. There are many scholarships listed, some have due dates in OCTOBER.


If you're wondering whether college will be an affordable option for you, please sign up to attend "Making College Affordable" on Sept. 30 at 8 p.m. (Eastern). You'll learn the basics about paying for college and hear expert advice on the best strategies for graduating with low or no debt. Visit to sign up for this virtual event.


The Elks National Foundation awards $2.9 million in college scholarships to a total of 500 high school seniors nationwide through its Most Valuable Student scholarship contest. Visit for complete details. The application deadline is 12/12/2020.


The senior portrait deadline is Wednesday, September 30th .  To be shown in the yearbook, and other senior publications, seniors must be photographed at Speedway Photo,  Seabreeze High School’s official school photography company.  The sitting fee is $20 plus tax. This information can be located on the school’s website and on Speedway Photos’ website. Call to schedule an appointment  today 386-258-5051.



Boys soccer tryouts are scheduled for October 19th, and any students interested in participating should visit the team website (or visit this site from the school webpage). All requirements as listed on the site must be met before a player will be permitted to tryout. Please check with Coach Freidus in Room 8 Building 8 or via email should you have any questions.





Tonia Morgan

Activities Director

Seabreeze High School

386-258-4674 ext. 54651