If you would like more information or have questions concerning the security plan for our school, please contact Mr. Steafon Jenkins at ext. 54624 or at [email protected]

Drill Codes

CODE RED: Lock down

  • In a Lock down or intruder on campus, no one is allowed in or out. Doors and hall-ways are locked until an "all clear" is given.

CODE BLUE: Bomb threat

  • During any threat on campus particularly a bomb threat, students and staff must evacuate to a designated safe area away from the building. Staff are trained to handle such a unwelcomed phone call.

CODE YELLOW: Hazardous Materials

  • In the event hazardous materials or debris enter the campus or highway; the HVAC system is shut off and staff and students inside until an "all clear" is given.

CODE GREEN: Severe Weather

  • Severe Weather is fairly common in our area. During any tornado/hurricane watch or warning, staff and students will be given instructions to be prepared.

In Case of Emergency-I.C.E.

Evacuation Location

In the event of an emergency, a parent information/meeting area will be set up in the Cafeteria at Seabreeze High School and Mr. Joseph Rawlings and/or Ms. Butrico will be available to meet with parents and give them information concerning the safety of their children. Should Seabreeze High School need to be evacuated the parent information/meeting area will be located at Osceola Elementary, 100 Osceola Avenue, Ormond Beach, FL 32176. 386-258-4669