Administration and Staff

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Name Email Phone (386.258.4674)
Mr. Joseph Rawlings (Principal) [email protected] ext. 54618
Mr. Dhand Presley (Asst. Principal) [email protected] ext. 54700
Ms. Stinamay LaGrotta (Asst. Principal) [email protected] ext. 54610
Ms. Krissy Butrico (Asst. Principal) [email protected] ext. 54620
Mr. Mark Tweedy (Asst. Principal) [email protected] ext. 54612
Mr. Jeff Miller (Asst. Principal) [email protected] ext. 54624
Name Email Phone (386.258.4674)
Mike Austin (Director 9R-12R, ELL, 504) [email protected] ext. 54643
Debra Tully (G-N) [email protected] ext. 54641
Chrissy Villafane (O-Z) [email protected] ext. 54640
John Conforti (A-F) [email protected] ext.54644
Teresa Pehr (Registrar) [email protected] ext. 54642
Joyce Smith (Administrative Clerk) [email protected] ext. 54606
Name Email  
Abramski, Carolyn [email protected]  
Alexander, Lisa [email protected]
Bailey, Matt [email protected]  
Beebe, Cynthia [email protected]  
Bigham, June [email protected]  
Bolt, Alyssa [email protected]
Botkin, Lisa [email protected]  
Bowman, Rebecca [email protected]  
Bratek, Emily [email protected]
Campanella, Anthony [email protected]  
Campanella, Jen (website issues) [email protected]  
Coke, Marcus [email protected]  
Coppa, John [email protected]  
Coy, Gwendolyn [email protected]  
Craig-Craggy, Tarisa [email protected]  
Cravotta, Carly [email protected]
Danese, Marjorie [email protected]  
Dunn, Bruce [email protected]
Eddy, David [email protected].us  
Emerson, Vanessa [email protected]  
Eppelheimer,Denise [email protected]  
Feliciano-Perez, Mirthia [email protected]  
Finley, Denise [email protected]  
Frantz, Concetta [email protected]  
Freidus, Elias [email protected]
Fries, Michael [email protected]
Gaines, Dodi [email protected]  
Gelmini, Patti [email protected]  
Goldstone, Aaron [email protected]  
Grabowski, Jody [email protected]
Grimard, Raymond [email protected]  
Hernandez, Robert [email protected]  
Hilsenbeck, Angela [email protected]  
Hobby, William [email protected]
Holtgrewe, Robert [email protected]  
Hood, Julia [email protected]
Huckaby, Todd [email protected]  
Ingram, Agnes [email protected]  
Kepner, Karen [email protected]  
Knutson, Joshua [email protected]
Koskoski, Jarrod [email protected]  
Kramer, Robert [email protected]  
Jackson, Kaitlyn [email protected]
Lebeda, Mark [email protected]
LeBlanc, Christine [email protected]  
Lemon, Jeff [email protected]
Lilley, Susan [email protected]  
Marschka, Jeremiah [email protected]
McKracken, Meghan [email protected]
McLoughlin, Anthony [email protected]  
Miklos, Lorraine [email protected]
Mirabile, John [email protected]  
Monaghan, Patrick [email protected]  
Morgan, Tonia (Activities Dr) [email protected]  
Norvell, Tanner [email protected]
Paul, Leah [email protected]  
Pettit, Doug [email protected]
Phillips, J.J [email protected]  
Picott, Tikija [email protected]  
Price, Kasondra [email protected]  
Putting, Leah [email protected]  
Roberts, Emma [email protected]  
Rudolph, Carolyn [email protected]  
Sampson, Dan [email protected]
Sanders, Kimberly [email protected]     
Saunier, Gerald [email protected]  
Schmidt, Robert [email protected]  
Seeber, Lynne [email protected]  
Severson. Alycia [email protected]  
Shuler, Paul [email protected]  
Silvernail, Dana [email protected]  
Steele, Steven [email protected]
Stidham, Bianca [email protected]  
Stone, Marilyn [email protected]
Taylor, Brad [email protected]  
Tyner, Tory [email protected]  
Urquhart, Pat [email protected]  
Weinrich, Chris [email protected]  
Wells, Scott [email protected]  
Wichman, Kathy [email protected]  
Wilhelm, Tonya [email protected]  
Wilson, Julie [email protected]  

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