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Note 4/10/20:  Bright Futures have not changed their requirements for our seniors, so they should expect to have 75 or 100 volunteer hours on record prior to graduation.

Here are some suggestions and guidelines for student wanting to earn community service hours:

  • students can help a sibling with their school work
  • sew masks
  • deliver food or do yard work for an elderly neighbor, etc.
  • Anything that is addressing a community need for which they are not being paid and are not risking their health. 

Parents can sign off that they have completed the hours. The students can return this form to [email protected] 

The Florida Bright  Futures Scholarship Program consists of three awards: Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) award, Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) award and the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars (GSV) award. Seniors must apply by submitting a Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) after December 1 and prior to high school graduation. Initial eligibility requirements for the desired award must be met prior to high school graduation with test scores admissible through June 30 of the senior year in high school.

Bright Futures Registration Directions (Registration Cheat Sheet)

Education’s Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) at [email protected] or toll free at 1-888-827-2004.

Florida Pre-paid Programs

Florida Prepaid College Plan 2014-2015 had specific dates to enroll, but you can request information to be sent for the next open enrollment (Fall 2014). However, you can open a Florida 529 Savings Plan account at any time. Using the links below, you can view the Florida 529 Savings Plan Guide to learn more about the importance of saving for college and the options we offer.


  • Students, searching for scholarships can be time-consuming and hard work.  Please take a few preparatory steps before you begin your search to ensure that your time will be well spent and fruitful.  Planning ahead is EVERYTHING!
  • Prepare a resume- Educational or Work Related; keep a log or folder of "things" you do, places you've gone, people you've met, lessons you've learned.  It will all come in handy when preparing your 100 words of WOW!
  • Get reference letters written early.  Begin getting reference letters from your minister, your employer, your teachers, your guidance counselors, your coaches, your babysitting families, etc.  Make 10-15 copies of each and have them sign them individually.  Then keep them all in the folder with your resumes.
  • Keep an extra 10-15 wallet size pictures of yourself.  Many scholarships require a headshot.
  • Keep your persuasive and informative essays from high school close by and electronically filed.  They will come in handy when you are trying to write an essay for each of the scholarships you choose.
  • Make copies of everything you send off.  Don't ever trust that just because you put a stamp on it or handed it to someone that it is going to reach its destination.
  • All that you can – in general, the more you apply for, the better your chances of receiving one become.
  • Depends on your financial situation – most students will need some financial aid or scholarships to pay for college.
  • Any scholarship that a student can receive will help to defray the cost of college.
  • Three places – First, check with the college you will be attending for any scholarships they offer- most colleges and universities have a variety available.  Second, use internet searches – there are literally millions of available scholarships – one challenge with internet searches is that many of the resources are specific to a particular college or major or have some other limiting requirements.  Another challenge is that if it’s available on the internet the number of students applying is usually very large, which typically lowers the odds of receiving a particular scholarship.  Third, regularly check the scholarship book in Student Services (referred to as the Big Red Book). This is a list of scholarship applications that we receive here at SHS.  Each application is available for Seabreeze students.  One of the benefits of this list is that many of the scholarships you’ll find here aren’t on the internet because they are from local organizations.  Many of these are also scholarships that are only Seabreeze students are able to apply for.  In general, the scholarships that are in this book will have fewer students apply for them so the odds of receiving them are better.
  • It’s on ongoing process – most of the scholarships out there are for seniors so start searching early in your senior year.  As for the Big Red Book in Student Services, students should be checking every couple of weeks throughout the year as we are adding scholarships each month from October until early May.

The BIG RED BOOK of Scholarships is available in our guidance department throughout the year. In addition, below is a table of those scholarships in pdf format. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Please read the directions and deadline for each scholarship. Most of the scholarships have extended their deadlines, although it may not be reflected on the current version of the scholarship on this page.

If the scholarship must be returned to the school, please take a picture of each page, then email them as attachments to [email protected] Please include a message with your name, alpha code and which scholarship you are including in the email. Each completed scholarship should be emailed separately.   If you would like a copy of your transcript, please email [email protected]



2 L-Epic Flight Academy scholarship

4 L-andNL-Elks scholarship

5 L-Stetson University scholarship

9 L-Brooks Law scholarship

11 L-DBSR automotive scholarship

13 L-Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship

15 L-Embassy of Hope Foundation scholarship  

17 L-Darcy Akers scholarship

19 L- Zeta Phi Beta Sorority scholarship

21-L Delta Sigma Theta Soroty Inc

22-L Volusia-Fllagler Rainbow Alliance

23-L Linda Crisp Scholarships

26-L OB Lions Club-Andy Romano

28-L Daytona Beach Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha PSA

29-L Sara Dalton Schol-Palmetto Club

36-L  Volusia Association of School Admin

37-L  First United Methodist Church OB

38-L  American Legion Riders Scholarship

39-L OBCC  Rob Ridder 2020-Amended

40-L SHS Class of 1967

41-L Jeremy Doliner

42-L Class of 1966

43-L Edna Kemp Memorial

44-L Haddad Memorial

45-L James P. Cook

46-L Al Weeks OBSea Lions

47-L- Beninati Law Firm Future Leaders

48-L-Full-time DSC Scholarship

49-L-DSC Presidential Excellence Scholarship

1 NL Golden Door scholarship

3 NL-Will McLean scholarship

6 NL-Fl futures project scholarship

7 NL-Public Edu. & Citizenship state essay scholarship

8 NL-USF Kosove Society scholarship

10 NL-Florida PTA scholarship

12 NL-Clarence & Grace Watterson scholarship

14 NL-American Muslim Alliance Of Fl Inc scholarship

16 NL-FSU scholarship

18 NL-Student View Scholarship

25-NL PB&J Scholarship

27-NL Free Housing Rent

30-NL Various FL scholarships

31- NL Farah and Farah

32-NL Epic Flight Academy

33-NL Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity