Our Athletic Director is:

Coach Brad Montgomery

(386) 258- 4674 ext. 54652

[email protected]

Our Assistant Athletic Directors are:

Coach Kerry Kramer (386) 258-4674 ext. 54707

[email protected]

Coach Tarisa Craig-Craggy (386) 258-4674 ext. 54675

[email protected]

COVID19 Athletic Information



Athletic Registration

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 we will open for new and returning student registration for FHSAA athletic teams and for our sideline cheer. Please see attached document or contact Brad Montgomery for more details. 

Athletics and our Athletic Training department have developed an action plan to get our students and coaches cleared to participate for the 2020-21 season. The requirements for our athletes/coaches are:

  • View Three NFHS videos required by the FHSAA – Athletes and Coaches
  • IMPACT Baseline Test required annually and biannually for respective sports and for all new athletes
  • Physicals will be necessary for our athletes to get off campus prior to July 27.

Friday, July 24 – 1pm-5pm

Saturday, July 25 – 9am-noon, 1pm-5pm

*** Football, Cheer, Wrestling, Soccer, Basketball need to complete, during one of the timeframes listed, the following:

  • Completion of IMPACT Baseline Test
  • Viewing of the three NFHS videos, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Concussion, Heat Illness

We will also request that any new students, coming to Seabreeze, that will participate in Volleyball, Cross-Country, Golf, Swimming and Bowling follow the same path listed for Football, Cheer, Wrestling, Soccer, Basketball.

 2020-2021 Cheerleading Tryout Information due by May 29, 2020. Contact Cheer Coach Patti Comitale-Dahms [email protected]